I dreamed of coming to Barbados for years, always had it on my mind as a place I would love to go. When I was sitting at home on Maui figuring out my summer plans, Brian Talma wrote me and invited me to participate in his annual Beach Culture Festival of Barbados. It is a festival of culture, music, and of course water sports! He invites top pros to compete in a variety of water sport disciplines to determine the water man/woman of the year. Barbados offers great conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and stand up paddling. So, when I was invited to compete and play in all these conditions, I jumped on board! “Action Man!”

Barbados has such beauty with its bright bold colors, clear blue waters, and the “go with the flow” attitude around here is so relaxing. You never paddle against the stream, you just turn around and go with the flow, ride the wave and have the most fun. The Beach Culture Festival has a competition happening, but at the same time they push the goal of ” who ever has the most fun wins!” They aim for positive vibes at all times no matter if you are winning or losing, its is just to be out on the water having a good time.

deAction Beach Culture Waterman Festival and Butterfly Effect

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