Help support The Butterfly Effect by making a donation at  Donate and receive the official Butterfly Effect sticker and at the same time be automatically entered to WIN the limited edition Butterfly Effect Tahiti T-shirt!  

How?:  1. Enter the Butterfly Effect website at

               2. Click on the ABOUT link

              3. Scroll down until you see the Paypal donate button

              4. Place your donation 

             5. Wait for your sticker in the mail and maybe even the Limited Edition B.E. Tahiti T-shirt!

              The drawing will be held on September 15th!

Thanks for your support!

By supporting The Butterfly Effect you will be helping us promote women in water sports, organize clinics, surf sessions, down-winders, and events to help one another go to the next level in a fun and unique way, and allow us to help the local communities that the Butterfly Effect flutters through.

Below is a picture of the T-shirt that you could win!